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At True Green Solar we are dedicated to delivering the benefits of green solar energy solutions to Adelaide homes and properties. True Green Solar has helped save thousands of dollars all over South Australia during our existence.

Our primary area of expertise is to improve household efficiency and reduce running costs. We pride ourselves on providing complete services and products tailored to your home. Whether it is solar panels, quality inverters, electrical, heating and cooling, the team at True Green Solar can help you.

We carefully choose the brands of products we represent, with a view to reliability and economy, to provide the best hassle free product lifetime. We pride ourselves on our customised advice and our professional installation work performed by our in-house team of installers.

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How solar energy works

Solar power systems convert sunlight into DC electricity which is converted to AC electricity by an inverter either under the solar panel or on your wall. AC electricity will either be used in your home, or exported onto the electricity grid via your import-export meter. The NET feed in tariff structure in Australia means that only the extra electricity that isn't used by your house is exported onto the grid (i.e. your house uses it first). With recent innovations in battery storage, it is also now possible to store your unused excess energy for later use. If you ever use more energy than your panels are producing, you will simply draw energy from the grid. Solar power is a smart, cost saving system for all seasons. Start saving money on your electricity bills by installing solar panels for your home.

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