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Inverters -SMA

SMA has over 30 years of experience in the development and fabrication of power inverters for solar & wind energy. These are a highly trusted brand of solar inverter, one of the most recognised names in the world of solar and very popular in Australian home solar power installations.

A multiple award-winner, SMA is the world's largest manufacturer of solar inverters and monitoring systems. Over 3 gigawatts of SMA solar inverters are installed globally and the company employs over 5,000 people on four continents in twenty-one countries. Around 1,000 of SMA's workforce are dedicated purely to research and development.

Highly trained SMA technicians work at 90 SMA customer service centres around the world - and with a physical support presence in Australia, you can rest assured that with your purchase not only comes the backing of Energy Matters, but SMA staff on the ground within our own shores.

German engineering - German quality, at a sensible price. SMA continues the tradition; providing high yield devices and superb reliability.

Inverters -ABB

ABB offers one of the widest portfolio of solar inverters ranging from small micro-inverters and three-phase string inverters up to megawatt-sized central inverters. This extensive range of solar inverters is suitable for the smallest residential photovoltaic (PV) systems right up to multi-megawatt PV power plants. The offering is complemented by various monitoring solutions as well as a global service network to maximize the return on your investment.

ABB solar inverters utilize over 40 years of experience and advances made in inverter and power converter technology that have contributed to ABB becoming the world leader in frequency converters, and also one of the largest suppliers of wind turbine converters.

When it is time for you to specify a solar inverter for your PV project, ABB, as one of the world's leading power and automation technology companies, has very strong credentials to fulfil your requirements for years to come. This trust should help you to comfortably conclude that ABB is a truly bankable choice in solar inverters.

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About Inverter:

One of the most important factor that you must know before buying an inverter is your "Power requirement". In simple words- what all electrical appliances (like fan, tube lights, television, CFL etc.) you want to run at the time of power failure. The power requirement is addition of the power consumed by various electrical equipments. It stands for the Volt ampere rating. It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the equipments. If an inverter operates with 100% efficiency, then the power requirement of the electrical items and power supplied by inverter is same.


Our solar inverter brands



One of the most prolific solar inverter brands in Australia, with a reputation for affordability and reliabilty

Growatt manufactures quality grid-connect inverters for both residential and commercial solar use. Founded in 2010, Growatt has recently opened its Australian subsidiary, Growatt Australia Pty Ltd which is based in Sydney.

Growatt's 5000TL inverter has been awarded a "very good" rating by Photon Magazine, a widely-respected resource on solar power system components.



One of the most prolific solar inverter brands in Australia, with a reputation for affordability and reliabilty

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. a high-tech enterprise engaged in development of power supply equipment for renewable energy especially solar PV and wind power, provides grid-connected PV inverter, wind power converter, technical consultancy, system design and other relevant services.

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